Editing and proofreading: 2 reasons businesses need to outsource this

If you look at the number of documents produced by businesses on a daily basis, you’ll quickly realize that it is a lot.

And the volume keeps increasing with new businesses that are set up – and new customers that are acquired.

Looking keenly at all the documents, you will notice that some businesses:

  • take the time to edit and proofread them
  • spend as little time in the editing and proofreading bit, ending up with documents still containing errors here and there
  • don’t allocate time to (properly) edit their documents. They simply use their first drafts, without making revisions. The result? Documents full of typos, grammatical and factual errors. That’s not good for business.

Most businesses realize the benefits that come with polishing their documents. Some decide to do it themselves – and either: succeed at this, achieve average results or fail miserably.

As long as they are in business, owners know that their businesses will always keep pumping out words – in the form of emails, articles, newsletters, adverts, tutorials and more.

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They can either decide to do things as they currently do them or make changes, do things better and create beautiful documents.

So, why bother editing and proofreading at all?

1. It is one of the best ways to ensure your documents have a clear purpose, supported by every single word you write

You want to make sure that what you promise in the title, or headline is what you give to your customers, prospects, investors, in the first and subsequent paragraphs.

Prifad.com editing and proofreading service gives you the advantage of aligning the story created by the words in the body of your document with those in the title.

It forces you to delete words, replace whole sentences or paragraphs, use synonyms, use simple words or shorter sentences to make your writing concise.

It also helps in setting the tone, giving you the power to choose to be formal or to lean more towards the informal.

That’s why first drafts should not always be denied the chance to undergo revisions.

It is part of the writing process – for a big reason.

It limits confusion and wastage of time.

It helps you avoid turning a million dollars to a hundred thousand dollars because of a missing zero.

2. Perception

What comes to your mind when two businesses A and B, offering similar services place similar ads on your favourite newspaper or website? This? ‘Hmm. Two businesses offering the same service, at the same price. Which one do I work with?’

Now imagine reading A’s ad and noticing one or more errors in their advert, while B’s ad is error-free. What happens?

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Automatically you’ll be pulled more to B than A by the mere fact that their copy is clear, error-free and easy to read and understand.

If the two businesses invite you to check their websites and you realize that A’s web pages are riddled by more errors, you may find yourself drifting more towards B.

Of course, not all clients can make the choice to go with either A or B on the basis of who edits and proofreads their work better. But this is not a reason for this bit of the writing process to be neglected.

The smart way to go is to do everything better as a business. That includes giving your words more power by dedicating enough time and money to editing and proofreading every document you create, regardless of whether the document brings in money or not.

How can you do it right?

Whether you are a big company, a sole owner of a small business, an online-only business, the question you should be asking yourself now is, ‘How can I do it right?’ because I firmly believe that you have been doing some, or a lot of, editing and proofreading since you started your business.

1. Continue doing it yourself

You can simply polish your work by yourself as you’ve always done especially if doing this doesn’t take away time that you could spend on other activities that brings your company even more value.

2. You can hire someone to help

If you find the right person and pay them well, you will have more time on your hands to focus on your top three, four or five income generating activities.

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You can get a freelancer of your choice, or –

– hire Prifad.com to help you

You can send every single document in your custody that is already typed over to Prifad.com anytime.

It can be a sales letter, an article, email, web page, guide, ad, contracts…save your time for other activities by allowing Prifad.com to:

  • take the pressure of having well written documents off you
  • catch errors that might escape your attention the first, second or third time you go through your first draft
  • take the drag and boredom that comes with improving the quality of you documents

How does this make your business more money?

It allows you to focus on your top income generating activities. And that’s where I believe you want to spend most of your time, right?

If you want to save your time and money for the more important activities, contact Prifad.com, send your work and get them back error-free.


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