In your quest to become a better parent, don’t avoid this

One thing you should always know – as you look for more ways, tips and stories to help you become a better parent – is that you are an amazing parent already.

And all the tips and suggestions you’ll find here are only meant to help you get better bringing up the young ones to be the great people you picture them to be when they become grown ups.

You are a good parent. Deep down you know you are a good parent!

You’ll notice a few surprises (good surprises) as you scroll down the page, moving from one word to the next.In your quest to become a better parent, don't avoid this

First of all, I’d like to point out that this post is inspired by all the tips found in the parenting blog posts published in

That doesn’t mean that it is off limits to other persons.

This article (and the parenting advice on Prifad) is also a good fit for:

  • people who are soon becoming parents, and
  • people planning to become parents in the near future
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This article is all about inspiring and encouraging parents who are ready to make their lives and those of their families better.

Which is just about every parent – in most cases.

What is published here are like little reminders.

Words that are only meant to edify and help you live your life (and help other members of your family live their lives) the best way possible.

I am a young man, who is not a parent yet, but strongly believe and champion for family.

And one of the reasons why I started the the parenting blog is to encourage you, the parent – for I know how big a role you people play.

The journey that resulted in this blog,, started some 5 – 7 years ago

That’s the time when I decided to write a book parents could learn more about how children feel and think about the way they are treated.

How your own children can help you become a better parent

I noticed that just as one parent can help another one, so can children.

Normally, one may argue that children know nothing about parenting.

But you know better.

Children have eyes and ears.

They see things.

They hear things, and all these things, that they hear and see, have an effect on them.

These things do something to their hearts and minds.

And most of the times when a parent runs to seek advice somewhere, they are usually leaving bits of the answers they seek home – locked inside their children’s hearts.

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That’s a gem right there!

Something you can start paying more attention to every single day from now onwards.

Your children see the potential in you…why not let them help you be a better parent?

Many children are not encouraged to let their thoughts and observations out in the open, even if they strongly believe that mom or dad could benefit just from hearing them out.

I didn’t want to wait for anyone to encourage me to share my thoughts.

So, I started sharing them, not caring about those who might gather the courage to call me names or close their ears whenever I talk parenting.

I am here for parents, who can look at something and see it for what it is

If it is good they’ll say it is good.

If it is bad, they’ll say, it’s bad.

These are the parents that don’t run just because everyone is running.

You are a great parent even with your imperfections.

And your children see that already.

So, you can scare them from occasionally giving you tips that essentially helps everyone in your household …by being stubborn – like some parents are.

Or you can listen.

Really listen.

Then make the best of decisions – not forgetting to incorporate the little nuggets from your young ones.

There are many parents who avoid following this little advice… but seeing the benefits that you can derive from it, you can simply start learning doing the opposite of what they do.

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Not because you are better than them but because you know that this is one way to teach your children great leadership skills – to help everyone in your household become a better person.


By seeking advice and listening to an unlikely source full to the brim with tips that constantly get ignored by often busy parents that choose to engage their children in deep discussions mostly when the young ones have done something wrong.

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